• What are DHC (Dreamless Hair Care) Products made of?
  • We have conveniently provided the ingredients for each product on our website and product. Please visit www.dreamlesshair.com, click and when you click on product, you will notice the ingredients listed.

  • Can children use the DHC Line?
  • Our products can be used on children since they do contain some natural ingredients. However, we do recommend using very small amounts on infants and toddlers since their scalp maybe too sensitive. We also would suggest doing a test on a small section of the infant/toddler scalp prior to using the product.

  • Are DHC products tear free?
  • Our products are not tear free. However, they do contain natural ingredients.

  • Do I have to have natural hair in order to use your products?
  • No,  our products can be used on all hair types and hair extensions.

  • Does DHC products contain DMDM Hydantoin?
  • No, our products are DMDM Hydantoin free!

  • What retail stores carry your products?
  • At the moment, our products can only be found on our website www.dreamlesshair.com 


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