Can your extensions be colored?

Yes, our hair is 100% virgin/mink hair and can achieve any color you desire. Be sure to keep color treated hair conditioned and moisturized. To achieve vibrant and bright colors, we recommend you purchase our blonde hair extensions.  Please review our hair care tab for more details.

Do you offer custom coloring services for your extensions?

No, we do not offer custom coloring for our extensions. We recommend consulting a professional to color your hair extensions for best results.

How many bundles should I purchase to achieve a full look?

We recommend purchasing at least three (3) bundles to achieve a full look. Please remember the longer the hair the shorter the weft. Anything longer than 22” may require more than three (3) bundles depending on your “fullness” preference!

How many bundles should I purchase with a closure/frontal?

We recommend purchasing at least three bundles with a closure/frontal. Please remember the longer the hair the shorter the weft. Anything longer than 22” may require more than three (3) bundles depending on your “fullness” preference!

What is wig density?

Wig density is the amount of hair that is added on the cap to create a fuller look. To understand wig density, it is important to understand the difference between hair density and thickness. Hair thickness is the width of an individual's strand of hair. Density is the term used to address the amount of hair present on the wig. The higher the density, the fuller and thicker the wig.

How do I know which density to choose when it comes to purchasing a wig?

The standard hair density for wigs is about 130%. That amount of density is considered to be natural and mimics the density on a human head. 150% density gives a more full and voluminous look than 130%. It gives more bounce and style options.  180% density is for those who prefer a very full and high volume look. If you like a lot of hair this density is for you. 200%-250% density are for those for over the top big hair and dramatic hair styles. It also provides you with more styling options as the wig is much thicker. We recommend purchasing a wig with at least 180% density.

 Below you will find our density guidelines:

10-14 inches- 130% Density

16-20 inches- 150% or 180% Density

22-up inches- 200% Density & up

Does Density matter?

Yes, purchasing a wig with the right density will ensure you can have the hairstyle that would look most natural for you. Some things to consider when it comes to choosing your density of preference are: 

Styling options: higher the density, the more hairstyles you can get especially when you take into consideration customizing the wig.

Hair care: low density wigs need to be treated with less hair products compared to high density wigs

Price: the more density of a wig, the more expensive. Knowing your density preference will help you with your purchase depending on your budget. 

Should I Co-wash my hair before installation?

Yes, we highly recommend that you co-wash your hair before installing. Co-washing your hair removes any dirt, chemicals, etc. that may have made it into the packaging. It also allows the hair to show its true wave or curl pattern and enhances the body of the hair. Need a co-washing product, try out our Moisturizing conditioner.

How often should I wash/condition my extensions?

We recommend washing/conditioning your extensions every 2-3 weeks. Please note washing and conditioning of your extensions may vary depending on the amount of product build up and/or hair styling.  ALWAYS allow hair to air dry or blow dry on low settings. 

How long does this hair last?

With proper care and maintenance our hair can last up to three (3) years. Please review our hair descriptions for more details.

Does your hair tangle or shed?

Hair is sewn onto a weft and can cause minimal shedding. To prevent shedding of the hair, we recommend NOT cutting the wefts and/or sealing the wefts on each bundle with a weft sealer (Fray Check).  Minimum tangling may occur due to product and hair styling build up. Please review our hair care tab for more details.

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