5 Tips It's Time To Wash Your Hair Extensions


New to wearing hair extensions or just don't know how to take care of hair extensions? Not sure when it's time to wash your hair extensions? You have landed on the right page.

Below see 5 tips that will let you know it's time to wash those hair extensions:

1. Hair extensions are very oily.

2. Face is breaking out (mainly cheeks, hairline, and/or forehead). This will be very noticeable if you have clear skin or little to no acne.

3. Hair extensions are stiff and tangles easily.

4. Hair extension no longer hold a curl.

5. Has a bad smell (if you work out a lot, excessively use heat tools, smoke a lot, and/or sweat in scalp).

Looking for products to help keep your hair extensions cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized? Check out our Cleansing Duo.


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