Hair Extension Struggles


The other day I created a poll on my IG story asking my audience " When it comes to bundles what do you struggle most with?" The following options they had to choose from were: 1. How to keep them healthy 2. Quality 3. How to make them last and 4. Products to use. 

After the 24 hours was up on the poll, I reviewed the responses and to be honest, I was not surprised. It confirmed the exact direction I am going in when it comes to hair extensions and my brand. Below are the results:

1. How to keep them healthy- 20%

2. Quality- 0%

3. How to make them last- 20%

4. Products to use- 60%

Over the years I have observed so many of us struggle with keeping our hair extensions looking nice and healthy after leaving the hairstylist chair. So many times, I have gotten messages asking what products should I use on my bundles, or my bundles are doing this how do I fix it. 

First let me say this getting your hair done is a luxury and some of us even look at it as part of our self-care. However, with us spending so much money and time to get our hair done and wanting to keep up with the latest trends, making sure you know how to keep them looking healthy and last is JUST AS IMPORTANT. So below I'm going to give you some tea. So, sip it slow and enjoy it lol

💕 How to keep them healthy: This is pretty easy, but I also understand why some would struggle with this.

1. You should be wrapping your hair every night with a satin scarf or bonnet

2. Trim the ends of your weave as needed! Trust me it will look better!

3. If your install requires any maintenance appointments and you know you are not good with the upkeep, BOOK and GO to your appointments as needed.

4. Wash bundles at least 2x a month or as needed! This can vary depending on the hairstyle and use of products

💕 Quality: Seems like you all aren't having any issues here but IF you do, you know where you can shop (hint, hint you are already on the site reading the blog lol)

💕How to make your bundles last: Honestly, this ties into number one with keeping them healthy! Weave is not a magic pill. Knowing how to take care of your bundles and the proper products to use is key! Just like you can't use any products for your natural hair, it's the same for bundles!

💕Products to use for bundles:

1. I can't stress this enough, when purchasing hair from hair companies ask what products work best for their extensions. Or check out their hair care section on their site to see if they have products listed that they recommend for their bundles. (I have this listed on my site and can be found here: Hair Care – Dreamless Hair

2. You can ask the hairstylist if they have any hair care recommendations

3. They may seem like a lot but you can purchase products to test on the hair (this would be my very last resort because this can go wrong, plus the hair company should be able to tell you what products work best for their bundles).

4. I provide hair care products that have been tested and work for hair bundles and not just hair bundles from my brand. They also been used on other hair companies as well. It will keep them cleansed, moisturized, protected, healthy, and bouncy! You can check them out here:  Hair Care – Dreamless Hair

Well babes, hope you enjoyed this tea. Looks like we are all of out of it for now. Look out for more Dream talk soon!

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