Mink Hair vs. Virgin Hair


Our babes always ask what is mink hair? What is the difference between mink hair and virgin hair? Is a mink animal really harmed to obtain mink hair? Is mink hair better than virgin hair? Babes, we got you covered. We will cover all your questions below. 

What is Mink Hair?

The term "mink hair" in the beauty industry hit the ground running and had all the gworlssss in a frenzy a few years ago.  It was the best thing since sliced bread. Hairstylists was using the hair and other hair companies started selling the hair. Literally, the new bundles on the block!

First things first, no animals are harmed when it comes to mink hair. Mink hair is  as a higher quality of virgin hair. It can be described as silky, very soft, long lastings, and thick.  Mink hair is from a specific group of single donors. Their hair is not altered by any chemical treatments, dye, etc. Cuticles are in the same direction and very easy to color. Virgin hair can be described as the same BUT lesser quality than Mink Hair.

What is Virgin Hair?

To understand what mink hair is, you must understand what virgin hair is. Virgin hair is from a single living donor that has not been altered chemically, dyed, or subjected to any harmful products. The donors then give the hair to factories, sellers, etc to be properly cleaned and processed to make sure the weave is perfect for selling. Virgin hair is versatile, soft, natural feel, and can be colored. 

What is the difference in quality?

Both virgin hair and mink hair are great quality types of hair. Mink hair is the highest quality of virgin hair. As mentioned about it is luxurious, thick/full, very soft, and lasts longer. Virgin hair is can be described as the same but of lesser quality. Both are great types of hair but depending on your spending budget and preference in quality you may prefer one over the other. But in reality, you can't go wrong with either.  Virgin hair can last 1-2 years but  mink hair can last a year or two longer than virgin hair. 

What do we think about Mink Hair and Virgin Hair?

Overall we love both, which is why we sell both. At the end of the day, it is all about preference and your spending budget. Mink hair will always be priced higher than virgin hair. Mink hair is a higher quality of virgin hair. Both can provide you with whatever hairstyle you want to achieve so you can't go wrong with either. Feel free to check out both collections: Virgin Hair or Mink Hair and don't hesitate to contact us at support@dreamlesshair.com if you have any questions.

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