10 Things you should know about Tape In Hair Extensions


Every year something new (not new at all lol) hits the hair industry and everyone goes crazy. This year it's no different. The gworlssss have been going crazy for Tape Ins. I feel like if you aren't selling tape ins or wearing tape ins are you really that gworll (don't answer that because I know you are THAT GWORL w/ or w/o tape ins sis).

With tape ins hitting the industry heavyyyyyyy this year, I thought you should know some things about these type of hair extensions. If you are new to wearing tape ins this is specifically for you. If you have been wearing them and got something to add, babe let me know lol

Anyway lets get straight to the good stuff lol

1. Tape ins can last 6-8 weeks when properly installed and with proper hair care. This is also depending on new growth and quality of extensions (Quality is no issue when shopping with us).

2. Tape ins can be reused just like you reuse your bundles. You will just need to replace the adhesive and wash them as needed.

3. Tapes are a perfect way to add volume and length to your natural hair and look very seamless (check out the pic on this blog..INSTALL VERY SEAMLESS).

4. Tape ins should be professionally installed.

5. Tapes in come in different hair textures. Knowing your hair texture is important that way the tape ins can match as closely as possible to your natural hair. To figure out your hair texture your natural hair should be completely blow dried out. (This is why consultations are so important).

6. You can wash your tape ins while installed. When your hair starts to become dirty/oil it is time for a wash. We recommend using alcohol free shampoo that contains natural ingredients (Highly recommend our Hydrating Shampoo).

7. If you are natural you can wear tape ins. Again this is where you will need to know the texture and/or curl pattern of your hair. If you do not wear your hair in your natural curls you will need to have your hair blow dried out to get a match for your texture. If you were your natural curls you will need to find  curl pattern that matches closely with your curls.

8. You can work out with tape ins. After your work out just blow dry your hair out on the cool setting and make sure your roots are blow dried completely before brushing, combing, or washing. Less tension is key! Also make sure the tape in completely dry before styling, etc.

9. Tape ins are very lightweight, breathable, and versatile.

10. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR TAPE INS WITH ALCOHOL. They can be removed with a liquid solution that is usually oil based and much more gentle on your hair and scalp

Welp that's it babes. I hope this was helpful! Be on the lookout for when our Tape ins officially drop in July!!

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