Your Guide to Beginner Friendly Hair Extensions


Babe, it's nothing more annoying than not knowing what to get when you are new to anything ESPECIALLY hair extensions. There are so many styles, textures, origins, etc to choose from that you can go from wanting one thing to another in .5 seconds lol

But don't worry because we got you! This guide will walk through beginner friendly hair extensions (on many levels) that you can refer back to at any time.

So, let's jump right into it. First up we have is a Traditional Sew-in. A traditional sew-in is like the holy grail of hair styles for hair extensions. Most of us start with this or a quick weave. Traditional sew-ins can be described as a protective style with minimum leave out. They consist of a least three bundles and looks like it can be growing from your scalp if installed properly.

Second, we have lengths. Choosing the right lengths are important if you never wore weave before. Your first install should not be a 32" buss down, if you've never wore hair extensions. This is why we recommend purchasing lengths 14,16,18 or 16,18,20. These lengths are not too long or too short. They are long enough for you to manage and short enough to get use to wearing hair extensions. 

Third, we have is texture. As a beginner, it is best you opt for body wave or straight. Both textures are very low maintenance, can be curled or worn straight, doesn't require a lot of product use and overall easier to manage. As a beginner you don't want to be discouraged early on by purchasing wavy or curly hair that you can't manage upkeep on. 

Last but not least, clip in hair extensions. I call these the DIY installs of hair extensions. If you are someone who doesn't like sitting for an install (2 hours), want to add length and volume without having to get a braid down, then clip ins are for you. You literally clip and go! Clip ins can be installed under 30 minutes by YOURSELF!

Now are you ready to try out some hair extensions? I sure hope so! Check out our virgin hair collection here!

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